Pineapple Papaya Orange Smoothie

This is one tropical smoothie with the goodness of sweet & tart pineapple, the deliciously sweet, butter-like papaya and citrusy orange and it’s loaded with vitamin C. I could do with some extra vit. C. How about you? This is … Continue reading

Mixed Berry Smoothie 

It’s “officially” spring now, with added hours of daylight! Is that a reason enough, to have an extra meal? 😛 May be 😀 Lately I’ve been experimenting with different fruits, flavors and ingredients for smoothies. Starting today, I will be … Continue reading

Aloo Poori

Aloo Poori Recipe | Poori Bhaji Recipe Aloo Poori is a simple yet comforting meal, consumed in various parts of India. It is a complete meal, where a spicy potato curry is served with deep fried, puffed, whole wheat bread. … Continue reading

Oats Ice Cream

Oats Ice Cream | Ice Cream Recipe | Oats Recipes | Healthy Desserts I am a part of an amazing foodie group on FB. We keep organizing various events, keeping a single ingredient, theme or a festival in mind. This time … Continue reading