Eggs in a Hash Brown Nest

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Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

There are days when you get bored of the regular scrambled eggs, omelette and the sunny side-up. It was one of those days for me… while hunting online, I came across this beauty from “Weelicious” and decided to try my hand at it. Boy! it only looked simple … took me a couple of tries to get it, the way I like it.



1 Egg
1 Potato , small , grated
Oil -few drops
Salt to Taste
Pepper to Taste


1. Take the grated potato and squeeze the water by pressing it in between your palms. Shift the squeezed potatoes to a paper towel and remove the balance water.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

2. Heat a small, non-stick skillet on medium heat and spread the dried, grated potatoes in a circular form. Make sure the potatoes are evenly distributed.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

3. Add drops of oil all along it and sprinkle the salt as required. Press down using a ladle/spoon. Cook for a few minutes, until crisp and golden brown. Make sure not to burn it.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

4. Once cooked, carefully flip **(check tips) and cook the other side as well. Cook the second side until fully 50% cooked. Carefully slide out of the skillet and shift to a plate.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

5. In the same skillet break an egg, as you would for a sunny side up and place the hash browns carefully around the yolk. The half cooked side facing down.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

6. Season the egg as required and cook until the egg is cooked. You may cover and cook, if you want to cook the yolk as well.

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |

7. Once done, slide out carefully! Tada ! It’s ready 🙂 Dig in!

Egg in a Hash Brown Nest |


1. Make sure the potatoes are completely dry before placing on the skillet.

2. While spreading out the grated potato, make sure they are connected.

3. **Do not try to flip before one side is fully done or else there are chances, it might break.**

4.** If you have difficulties in flipping in the skillet itself, slide it out on a plate and flip.**

5. Do not press the potatoes too much or they will appear flat.


Enjoy !


Sonal 🙂

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