Basil – Pesto Egg Salad Sandwich

Basil Pesto Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

Basil Pesto Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe |

A Big THANK YOU to God, for everything He has blessed me with! Including this breakfast … 

There is no hard and fast recipe for this sandwich. The recipe below, is how I like it. Feel free to customize, to suit your palate.

Recipe :

Serves 1

Ingredients :

2 slices Whole Wheat Bread (or any bread)

1 Egg, Hard Boiled (room temperature)

2 tsp. Basil Pesto ( I used store bought )

1 tsp. Greek Yogurt / Hung Curd

1/2 tsp Garlic Butter or Regular Butter – I used Garlic Butter (Optional)

Salt & Pepper – To Taste

Optional additions – Finely chopped Onions ( I did not add )

Basil Pesto Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe |

Method :

1. Chop the egg into small pieces.

2. In a bowl, add the basil pesto and Greek yogurt. Mix well . To this mixture add the chopped eggs and combine well.

3. Season the mixture as per taste.

4. Toast the bread slices and apply butter. Spread the prepared egg mixture on one slice and cover with the other or divide the mixture onto 2 slices, for an open sandwich. It is now ready to be served! Dig in 😀

Basil Pesto Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe (5)


1. Room temperature eggs are a must for this recipe.

2. You may alter the quantities or basil pesto and Greek yogurt as per your taste. I did not add any additional salt as there was enough salt in the pesto, already.

3. Toasting the bread is optional.


Enjoy !


Sonal 🙂


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