Jeera Aloo | Cumin Flavored Potatoes

Jeera Aloo Recipe I have been eating “Jeera Aloo” for as long as I can remember. This is one versatile dish that can be customized for a 5 year old picky eater to a 50 yr old foodie, just by … Continue reading

Aloo Methi | Potato – Fenugreek Stir-Fry

Aloo Methi | Aloo Methi Recipe Fenugreek leaves are widely used in Indian cuisine. They have a strong aroma and are commonly used in curries, vegetable dishes and paranthas (Indian flatbread ). Fenugreek leaves are considered healthy and are a good source of  protein, … Continue reading

Aloo Gobhi | Potato – Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Aloo Gobhi | Aloo Gobi Recipe Aloo gobhi or aloo gobi, is a dry , Indian cuisine dish made with potatoes (aloo), cauliflower (gob(h)i) and Indian spices. This dish, shot to fame with the movie “Bend it like Beckham”. It … Continue reading