Fried Rice Recipe – Indo-Chinese

I am not fussy , when it comes to food . At least , not when I am cooking only, for I, Me , Myself . At times , all I need is Fried Rice ( garlic maar ke ) with truck loads of Sriracha ❤ ! Hits the right spot ! Always !

Presenting , Fried Rice , My way ♥ !

Fried Rice : Indo - Chinese Recipe. Comes together in minutes.

Recipe :


8 Cloves Garlic or to taste – Finely Chopped (The more the merrier 🙂 )

1 Cup Vegetable Medley ,Finely chopped – carrots, beans, bell Pepper or any vegetable of your choice.

1/2  Cup Corn Kernels , Boiled

2 Green Onions – Finely Chopped

Green Onion Greens – For Garnishing

3 Cups Cooked Rice , Cooled , grains separated

2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp. Green Chili Sauce

2 Tbsp Oil

1 Tsp. Vinegar (optional)

Method :

1) Heat a Large , heavy – bottomed , non – stick skillet or wok on medium – high heat . Add oil .

2) When the oil is hot , add the garlic . Keep stirring , making sure it doesn’t stick and burn. Cook till the raw smell disappears .

3) Next, add all the vegetable medley – carrots , beans , bell pepper etc + corn. Keep stirring to make sure the veggies don’t stick and burn . This will take a minute or two . Cook until the desired crunch is achieved . We don’t have to cook the veggies fully , or else they’ll become soggy , mushy and lose the crunch .

4) Add the chopped green onions , give it a quick stir and add the soy sauce + green chili sauce. Let the veggies sizzle in it for a few seconds .

5) Now, add rice and combine well. While mixing , handle the rice carefully , making sure the rice grains don’t break. This will take some patience, as the veggies + sauces are at the bottom . If you want to stick to the safer option , you may add the rice first to the stir-fried veggies , followed by the sauces. I like to flavor the veggies , so I prefer adding the sauces first .

6) Add vinegar(if using) and combine well. Cook until the rice is heated well. Garnish with green onion greens . Serve hot !

Tips :

1. The more the oil , the easier it will be to mix the rice and they wont stick together . I have added , what I am comfortable with . Please feel free to add less or more .

2. I haven’t added any extra salt as the soy + chili sauce has enough salt content.

3. This whole process is meant to happen on high heat , but I choose medium – high heat , as I am more comfortable working with it .

4. Make sure all the veggies are finely chopped and are of equal size for quick and even cooking . Keep all the chopped veggies handy , as there will be no time to chop in between.


Happy Cooking !

Sonal Kalra 🙂


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