Onion & Cilantro Fritters

I’m known to be a sucker for junk food & snacks, but lately I’ve been trying to turn the junk into healthier snacking options by baking them instead of deep frying! Recently, I tried my hand at Baked Samosas & Baked Methi Mathri 🙂 ! But, today was different 😉 .

Rain All the way !

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I saw dark clouds floating and gathering in the sky with a soft, pleasant breeze blowing. Soon, there was lightening and thunder and I instantly knew that today was going to be a “Cheat Treat” day! Mausam Beimaan, Banda Pareshaan, kya khaye meri jaan ? ♥ I felt like having something crisp, fried and flavorful with a hot cup of Chai! and what better than fritters! It was time for some Onion & Cilantro fritters!

Onion & Cilantro Fritters - www.foodbound.wordpress.com

Recipe :


1/3 cup Chickpea flour

2 Medium Onion – Sliced Lengthy Wise

2-3 Tbsp. Cilantro

1 Green Chilli – Finely Chopped(optional)

1/4 Tsp. Red Pepper Powder  / Cayenne Pepper

Salt To taste

2-3 Tbsp. Water

Oil for Deep Frying


Method :

1) In a bowl, take sliced onions, chickpea flour, cilantro, green chilli, salt and red pepper. Mix well and keep aside for 15 mins.

Onion & Cilantro Fritters - www.foodbound.wordpress.com

2) Now add water to the above mixture, 1tbsp at a time. It should coat the onions well and should not be runny. If you added more water than required, add some more chickpea flour to achieve the right consistency. To this mixture add one teaspoon of hot oil (use the one you are heating to deep fry)

Onion & Cilantro Fritters - www.foodbound.wordpress (1)

3) Frying : Make sure the oil is hot enough to fry these fritters. You can check the same by dropping 1/2 teaspoon of the mix, into the oil. The mix should come up instantly – this is a sign that the oil is ready to be used. You can also taste this pinch of mix , once fully done and check the seasoning. Adjust seasoning accordingly. Now, using a spoon or your hand drop 4 – 5 fritters at a time – making sure not to over crowd the vessel. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Keep flipping in between for even cooking and coloring. The heat should be on medium throughout.

Onion & Cilantro Fritters - www.foodbound.wordpress (2)

4) Once done, drain on a paper towel. Repeat the procedure with the balance mixture. If you want to make these fritters super crisp, fry them till 70% cooked, remove from the oil, cool down to room temperature and fry again till fully done! Enjoy with your favorite chutney & tea/coffee!

Onion Cilantro Fritter - www.foodbound.wordpress.com


Tips :

1. Frying the fritters on low heat will make them absorb extra oil and become soggy . Frying them on high heat will cook them only from outside , the inside will still remain raw.

2. The Cilantro can also be substituted with fresh fenugreek leaves or spinach.

3. Grated ginger or garlic can also be added to the above mix.



Like it ? Love it ♥ Share it ! Happy Cooking !

Sonal Kalra 🙂


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