Grilled Pizza Bites

This post has been taunting me from the drafts section  for a while now. God knows why I haven’t shared this yet. Better late than never ! Okay ! so this is a quickie I came up with, to save the electricity bill from going a notch up . I wasn’t too happy about turning the oven on for a single serve pizza … so I thought why not try grilling it ! And gosh ! I  nailed it 🙂 . This is a super quick , not “SO” unhealthy snack . Gets ready in minutes . Whether you are running late for work or need a no-brainer something to snack on a busy day post work ! This should solve your problem 🙂

Grilled Pizza Bites - (2)


Recipe :

Ingredients :

1) Flat Bread / Thin Crust Base or any other bread easy to role

2) Butter

3) Pizza Sauce

4) Toppings of your Choice ( chopped / sliced ) – I used Onion , Tomato , Green Bell Pepper & Chicken Sausage

5) Shredded Cheese / Cheese slices cut into small pieces

6) Italian herbs / seasoning – I used the Domino’s style Oregano Seasoning Mix from Bharatz Kitchen. Recipe can be found here .

7) Grill / Skillet / Grilling pan / Tawa

Procedure :

1) Cut the Flat Bread / Thin Crust into a size that can easily fit in the grill / skillet / grilling pan etc.  Smear the bread with a little butter & then the pizza sauce. I feel butter is necessary or else the bread absorbs the water from the pizza sauce & become soggy.

Photo Aug 20, 12 36 31 PM







2) Next add toppings of your choice, followed by cheese on one half and the Italian herbs / seasoning all over. Make sure you don’t add too much cheese or else it will ooze out from the open ends. Now role the bread, making sure the ends overlap.

Grilled Pizza  Bites 2

Grilled Pizza Bites -








3) Grill to perfection and voila ! Its done ♥

Grilled Pizza Bites -








Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions ! Have an awesome Sunday !


Sonal Kalra 🙂

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